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There are not a lot of fashionistos(what I call a male version of a fashionista since the -o suffix is masculine since it makes sense) out there and most tend to be homosexual. While most men can certainly tell what they like on a woman, they may not always be in the know about what women like. I am a person who has a life that revolves around fashion and appearances, both my own and those around me, so naturally I have had to learn what is fashionable and what is not. I also happen to be a metrosexual(also known as a straight man with good taste), just as many other actors are. I won't bs anyone on my opinion of their clothes so they know they will get a straight, unbiased opinion from me. The old stereotype of men not knowing much about fashion went out with the 90s, as men are more and more becoming fashion-aware as they realize the importance of a good appearance in everyday life.

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