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Default Celebrity Infinity

Unfortunately, a FOD event was not posted at guest relations until the morning of day 6. I attended the event at Michael's Club that evening. There were 5 other gentlemen there sitting in a corner cackling like hens, all of whom appeared to know each other. I chose not to interrupt. There I sat for about 30 minutes until it was obvious that no one else would be attending. I decided that the event was a bust and left.

No, I didn't expect a "Carnival" experience of constant partying. After 18 cruises, i pretty much know what to expect from various cruise companies. I'm very well aware of the level of sophistication offered by Celebrity and appreciate that. I did expect a real disco that would play music from this century. (For 16 days I heard no music from this century) Even the QM2, known for it's formality, has a dedicated space a dance club, not a multipurpose lounge with bad lighting and boring, dated entertainment.
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