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Default Gay Cruisers

Gee... if it were me... I'd go over and introduce myself.. are you shy? You should have known this is not a party ship cruise..and there are times you have to go out of your way to find out in the beginning if there are FOD meetings scheduled..

Am I "gay", but I've cruised with Friends of Bill who checked out any meetings on boarding the ship.. and have had the pleasure and I mean the pleasure of meeting up and befriending many same sex couples...

I can remember being at an "anniversary/wedding" celebration on the Century I believe. and there was a same sex couple sitting by themselves..Okay, so I'm not the shy type.. but I walked over and welcomed them and it seems they were married in the UK..and we had a great conversation in the middle of all the "straights",..and everytime we met on the two week cruise there were hugs from them both...and it seemed that all the FOD knew about was our 50th wedding anniversary..

You also have to remember as for music... the musicians (in case you aren't aware) are only allowed to play certain prescribed by the head of Entertainment.. (told to me by entertainers on NCL that we became acquainted with).. Perhaps next time you should try an Atlantis...where there is probably a younger and partying crowd?
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