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Default woooooooooooooooooooo.........

I was told there was a group of 40 gay men from Pied Piper on this ship. I've traveled with Pied Piper before and we usually take over the disco after 11pm. Are you by any chance part of Pied Piper? Anyway, I travel solo most of the time and I create my good time and I do not care whether it is gay or straight, young or old. I even dance with the crew. I am a ballroom dancer and a very good disco/freestyle dancer as well. I usually seek out ladies or men to dance with and always have a wonderful time. That is too bad cause you are practically finishing your cruise. hmmmmm maybe when you get to your disembarkation port which is San Diego, you can satisfy what you've missed on your cruise and have a great time at the gay bars in San Diego. Next time try Pied Piper, Aquafest, Atlantis or RSVP. Try and have a good time on your last 2 nights at least. Take the cruise director for a spin on the dance floor. He or she will enjoy it. CHEERS......
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