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Default Re: So Much Complaining!!1

Our first cruise was in the Mediterranean on the Rembrandt (Premier!). I started complaining as we boarded because of the odor on the ship. Then, as we unpacked in the dark, small inside cabin, I complained the whole time. And the air conditioning wasn't working, etc.

Finally, with everthing put away, suffering from serious jet lag, the ship pulling out of the harbor in Barcelona, headed for France, my husband grabbed me by the arm and literally had to drag me to one of the upper decks. As we stood by the railing, he pointed out over the side of the ship to the beautiful blue water and the beautiful sight of Barcelona disappearing behind us and said: LOOK AT ALL OF THIS! LOOK WHERE WE ARE! HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING??? We are really doing it - after 34 years of marriage - we finally are cruising!

and do you know what? I've NEVER, NEVER complained about anything on any of our cruises after that. Regardless of the situation, I catch myself before I open my mouth and think: We are really doing this. Something we never thought we'd ever be able to do in our life time. And I bless my wonder husband.

Pooh Bear
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