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Just saw the previous string about complaints, and I agree entirely that those of us who are blessed with the time and the resources to cruise should be thankful, should learn to "relax and enjoy it," and should definitely not sweat the small stuff.

I also agree that it is really amazing to behold the numbers of people that complain about minutae, both on the ships and in forums such as this. I've thought about why this may be, and have a few notions. . .

1. I think the cruise lines bring it on themselves to some degree by promising perfection. It's advertising, after all, and while I've often argued that there's no sin in putting your best foot forward, the brochures can sometimes portray a nirvana that no mortal could deliver.

2. The (more-or-less) all-inclusive price structures tend to engender an "I'm entitled" mentality, and can lead to unreasonable expectations. To be sure, we ARE entitled to a great deal on a cruise, but I sometimes grin as I compare the mindset to those contests where they give the winner an empty shopping basket and tell them they have 10 minutes to carry everything out of the supermarket that they can. When the 10 minutes are up, the bubble bursts, and it's back to life as usual. Inevitably, those people second-guess the things they took, wondering if they got the most expensive, valuable stuff possible. If they come to the conclusion that they didn't, they complain.

3. By its nature, cruising attracts a significant number of people who are not comfortable travelling on their own. It's clear that some people (not all!) choose cruises because all arrangements are taken care of. Not many weeks ago, somebody posted a bunch a parody questions here asking ridiculously detailed questions like, "What's the middle initial of the Captain of the Galaxy?". But all parody has a point, and the fact is that we do see many questions on this board that some people would say are trivial. And while, to the credit of those who haunt this place, those questions are always answered in very good faith, it indicates that some people REALLY want their cruise experience nailed down ahead of time to the "n"th degree. In my experience, these are the folks that complain the most when little things go wrong ("After all, I had it completely planned out"). On the other hand, those who cruise, but who also sometimes travel on their own with just a plane reservation and a hotel booking (and sometimes not even that), tend to complain less, in my opinion. As one who has been in the latter category for more than 30 years, I would also argue that we have more fun and have richer travel experiences, but that's just my opinion.

I'd be interested in your perspectives on this.

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