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I find your response very interesting and with thoughts that have never occurred to me. We develope, buy, sell and operate dry cleaners in Texas. We NEVER, or least I NEVER, tell the customers that we are perfect. I tell them that we strive for perfections but occasionally, more times sometimes than I would like, we do make mistakes but guarantee and back our work. I think the cruise lines project themselves to their advertising market as being able to provide a paradise, relaxing, stress-free, all inclusive adventure. They never "mention" perfection, but I do get your point in this. But then so does everyone else who advertises, like TWA (what about their horrible tragedy), American Airlines, etc., etc., etc. So this is a problem everywhere - it's simply called advertising and selling your business.
I would like to think that the individuals who plan a cruise, or any other vacation choice, that they do understand that things can and do happen. And almost 99% of the time, the person your talking to is no where involved in the actual mistake.
I still believe that regardless of alot of things, we are still responsible for our own actions and nothing gives us an excuse to be rude and constantly complaining to people that have really no involvement in your problem.
You sound very well educated and professional. I really did enjoy your response. Thanks for your feedback and opinion and for addressing it in such a classy manner.
Happy Cruising!
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