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Carole Dunham
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I used to be a travel agent, many, many years ago. Once and only once I escorted a tour to Europe. It was a very upscale tour and attracted a bunch of wealthy sophisticated (so I thought) travellers. I was amazed at the ignorance and arrogance I encountered. These very upscale CEO's became a bunch of babies and the services we were supposed to supply were ridiculous. It was as though they had forgotten how to act as adults. One man, a banker, used to make me want to shrink into the floor when at every shop or restaurant we went to he would ask, "How much is this in REAL money?" I realized then and there that I was definitely not suited to escorting tours anywhere.

I see a lot of this in cruising too. You are all right about people wanting perfection and that pr firms push the "perfection" of cruises. Only one problem. Absolutely NOTHING in our human experience is perfect. Personally I think the little imperfections that are a part of our life make us appreciate the wonderful things we do have. Have I ever been on a perfect cruise? No, I haven't, but again the little things pale in comparison to the great things. If nothing else there is always the wonderful sea which is what drives me to cruise vacations rather than land based ones. I think people who spend their lives complaining must be very unhappy. Otherwise they would see the wonders of their lives that are so beautiful. Sometimes I am so grateful for my life I am moved to tears with sheer gratitude. I never pray to ask for anything. My life is rich with gifts. I just pray to thank. The people who complain spend their lives judging everything. Too bad they can't open their hearts to non judgment and the glories that they would enjoy if they did. Sorry, got a little overwhelmened with self realization philosophy there. Hope I didnt offend anyone.

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