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They have different dress codes for different nights.
Most nights are casual which basically means everything is ok accept shorts and tank tops. They never want those on any night although you will see s few people wearing them.

You wont be turned away but it is against policy.

One night will be pirate night where your encouraged to dress in pirate attire which is a lot of fun to do. On the longer cruises it seems more dress up than the shorter cruises.
If your not comofrtable with wearing a costume that you put together you can just wear a pirate t-shirt and old jeans or holy pants. Capris are nice because they are shorter. I ripped the bottoms of the pants into strips and the end of the sleeves of a white top to make it more pirate like.

That night for those who dont do pirate it suggest tropical which still keep to the theme of the evening due to the pirate party later that night.

Ok then you will have a formal night on the longer cruises and a semi formal night.
Shorter cruises just have a semi formal night.

On Formal night you will see everything from tuxes and long evening gowns to slacks, dress shrit and tie with NO jacket, nice pant suits for women usually dark colors to people who show up dressed casual dress.
Which kind of ruins the atmosphere for those who want one formal evening. This is important to some so I try to respect that and obey the rules.
If we dont want to dress up we go to the buffet that night. It is NOT a buffet at dinner. Its sit down with a salad bar you can serve yourself. Smaller menu but a good one and nice and quiet there. Much faster service too. This is where they train the waiters. It is open all but the first and last night, 6:30 to 8:30 P.M.

Ok semi formal is usually what I would call church clothes, a bit nicer than casual clothes. A nice dresss, pant suit, skirt and top maybe with a jacket and a bit of jewelry? Men often wear a sport coat and dress shirt and slacks, sometimes a tie. My husband doenst even wear a tie to semi formal night and we don't feel out of place at all.

Usually for casual nights he wears Khaki pants or dockers and a collared shirt. Some are tropical or disney themed. I wear slacks and a nice blouse. When we do formal night he wears dress shirt, tie and slacks, NO jacket, I wear a blue velveteen dress with long sleeves and it comes to 2 inches above my knee with black sandals. Sometimes a necklace. Its not really a formal dress but its a nice dress and we never feel out of place. Its 11 years old.

I hope i answered your question and didnt confuse you too much.

Now if you go to Palos they will turn you away if your not dressed nice.
Suit for men or at least a sport coat, ladies a nice dress or pant suit will do. Brunch is more casual.

If i can help with any other questions please ask.
I will be gone from Nov 1st until Nov 16 for a trip to WDW and a 7 day cruise but other than that I iwll be here and happy to help when I can,


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Waiitng for the new ships to arrive for more magical cruises!!
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