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Originally Posted by venice
Mouche 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) I have to smile, I agree it is generational ...I'm still trying to figure out why the statement was made in the original posting ...I have been blessed to being a world traveler since the late 70's and a cruiser since the mid 70's...when one travels and cruises to Europe on a European based cruise line...Americans (no matter what the color of one's skin is) may be viewed differently more based upon one's conduct and attitude as opposed to one's most recent cruise was this past April to the South of France, on a river cruise on Princess De Provence, on Peter Deilmann (German owned)..there were 144 cruisers, of which 132 were from Germany (makes sense) and 12 Americans, my friend and I were the only guest of color and by a wide margin the youngest (both in our 50's)...were we treated differently ?..virtually all of our German co-passengers spoke various levels of English, and not one American spoke any German, so we were embraced by our co-cruisers to practice their English and there was a healthy level of curiousity to reach out to engage my friend and I, more because we were from New Orleans (and they wanted to know about Katrina and our music) and my Jazz teeshirts then the color of my skin..and why we had selected Peter yes, we were treated differently (which we enjoyed)...I have cruised thru 4 decades and watched the emergence of a greater diveristy of cruising guests..if one does not make it an issue, more then likely it won't brother and his wife are getting ready to go next month on the Hogs on the High Seas (HOGS) Biker Cruise...I wonder if they will be treated differently ...the diversity make up on any cruise, on any line, on any given week is a crap shoot and cruising should be about everyone getting along for a week...IMHO
Hey Venice, I'm not sure why the orginal poster posted as she did, I wondered that too, but I just had to respond to EMG's post, so you too think it generational . I just pray one day before my life ends that I get to call myself a world traveler like you!!!
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