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hi Kim,

we had a smililar experience with desserts.
Greg is a diabetic and it's pretty limited selection so many night she has nothing for dessert. One night w eleft before dessert and my son stayed with his girlfriend and when the waiter came and asked where we were he told them his dad didnt care for the desserts and that had happened before so he left.

He asked peter what Greg liked and he said chocolate brownies. The waiter said ok, dotn tell him her talked and keep him at the table tomorrow. Sure enough out came aplate with warm sugar free chocxolate brownies which were very good. He had them 3 nights in a row then that was enough but it was so nice of the pastry Chef to do that for Greg.

I think one reson they dont have the fried shimp is because under the heat lamps they do NOT keep well at all. I have cooked in many restaurants over the years and from a bacteria and health stand point it isnt a good idea.

Yes I have seen people in shorts and t-shirts on formal night which I disagree with. If I don't care to get dressed up but I know this is part of the cruise experience many enjoy so I would never spoil it for them.
We just go to the buffet or have room service that night instead of going under dressed. Its just doing a different experience on the ship.

we like the night buffet, it is sit down with a limited menu and very good. Also much faster to get done and out.

5 days until i leave for WDW and a 7 night cruise. YIPPEE!!


20 DCL cruises and counting!
1 Carnival Glory cruise

Waiitng for the new ships to arrive for more magical cruises!!
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