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Default Re: grits or not grits

Originally Posted by katlady
Originally Posted by carmensmom
There really should be one more category to vote on....none of the above. When you boil cornmeal or polenta you get cornmeal mush not grits. Grits are ground hominy.
I find the statement Grits are ground hominy confusing. Were you saying Grit are made from White Corn? Grits are made from corn right?

When I did a image search for grits I got both white and yellow grits. So I did some research and I found the answer. Accordng to what I found Grits can be white or yellow the difference between grits and cornmeal is the hull/germ is removed on grits (Hominy) and not on cornmeal. Masa harina is made wit hominy is it is closer to grits then to cornmeal. Now Masa harina I know I use it to thicken my chili and chili verde.[img]**http%3A//[/img]

Posole is the whole hominy that is used in mexican cooking. I think I like what the mexicans do with hominy the best. They make a soup it looks pretty good. I live in California so I bet I have an easier time finding posole then grits.
See my post above. Hominy is just hulled corn. White seems to be much more common for grits than yellow.

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