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To: Felix & Robbie...especially

First I have no ill feelings whatsoever for T/A's; they were dealt the cards they were dealt. Indeed, to the contrary, I respect travel agents for usually having the marvelous ability to recall (or research quickly) data requested about various ships. My fault is not with RCCL T/A's at all; it's with the RCCL Marketing Dept. (or whoever) for not disseminating info to T/A's--of RCCL's Oasis in this case. T/A's were short-changed in usual data that is customarily asked for by potentially interested passengers. That is not the fault of T/A's one iota. To back up this statement, deck plans on all websites (RCCL and others) are still incomplete layouts/diagrams leaving to one's imagination where certain venues read about are; most T/A's know nothing about the new (and now imaginary!) "WOW"-phone that would supposedly replace RCCL's usual deck phones; no one at RCCL seems to know if the RCCL-built pier in Labadee will be available for the Dec. 1st sailing. And lastly, can you ID the seven "neighborhoods" on Oasis? Seems to be some confusion/info disconnect here too. Withstanding all the above, I am anxiously awaiting my upcoming cruise. This is one man's opinion only.
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