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Default Re: Hotel to Port transfers

Originally Posted by glengormless
Hi there

We normally book a package when cruising, you know, flights transfers, hotel etc. However, this time we booked a Royal Caribbean cruise, and then separate flights, hotel in New York etc. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but is proving quite troublesome.

We are staying in Manhattan the night before the cruise and have arranged resort hoppa to take us from Newark airport to the hotel, which is fine. However, getting from Manhattan to the cruise port on 11 December is proving harder to arrange.

I would appreciate advice from others who had this problem on how they transferred. There would adults and four pieces of luggage, so train not a good idea! We need a reliable and quick method of transport that won't break the bank.

Any suggestions?

Kate, Ireland
I believe the simplest and overall least expensive way to go is a taxi. Even from uptown (Central Park area) to the cruise port will the fare will be around $25 - $35 per cab and not per person. If you have your hotel arrange a mini-van cab you will have no problems.

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