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Default Re: explain tipping on RCCI

Originally Posted by JOYCEV
wE HAVE ALWAYS CRUISED ON pRINCESS and they have a daily tip charged to your cruise card this money was shared by all the waiters stewards and support staff. Then we also gave cash tips to our personal waiters and steward We were generous $50 per week to the steward and $20 perweek to each of our waiters. Does RccI have something sinilar I do not understand this envelope process
Royal Caribbean still does the traditional "envelope" system. However you can go to the purser's desk and request that your gratuities be charged to your onboard account. You will still receive envelopes on the last night but there will also be vouchers to insert into the envelopes. You can also add additional cash if you wish.

If you do not go to the purser's desk you will be expected to tip in cash. Remember to go to the purser's desk early in your cruise. There is a cutoff time that you can have the gratuities put on your account. I "believe" that it is two or three days into your cruise but I am not sure of the exact day.

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