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To be honest, my fire department hasn't seen a structure fire caused by an iron or curling iron in a few years, that I know of. But over my whole career, they have caused quite a few house fires I have fought in my time. Actually irons are mentioned in the report a couple of times, in that the report makes mention that home fires caused by heating equipment and "Irons" have decreased greatly in the past few years because of the added technoloigy of automatic shut-offs being added to these devices. That is a good thing and tells me why we haven't had a house fire caused by an iron in a few years. I still don't believe any cruiseline is going to allow travel irons onboard anytime soon though.

There is some truth to your statement about the electrical draw of irons, although I believe modern cruise ships could more than handle the increased electrical demand of irons onboard (based on what I see on virtually every special I see on TV about a cruise ship and all the electrical power they claim to have). I don't believe the wiring in the individual cabins I have been in could really handle too many electrical draws at any one time. I have unplugged a camera or electric toothbrush in my cabin at times if I think we have too much plugged in.

Just a reminder to everyone, please change the batteries in your smoke detectors this weekend! Even if your smoke detector is hard wired into your home electricity sysytem, change the battery back up! When you change the time on your clocks twice a year, change your smoke detector batteries as well! Have a home evacuation plan, and practice it! Be safe!

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