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I can't or won't dispute all your stats as I'm not prone to investing so much time and energy to find out about whether an iron ever started a fire or not.
I think they do get hot, as I was ironing a pair of Levis the other day, dropped the iron and naturally it had to hit hot side down ( don't know how the stats would work out re/ the odds of dropping and iron and it hitting cold side down )--- Now I have a crispy imprint of an iron in the carpet but luckily it's in the closet.
Re/ the draw of electrical current, in the past few years people have more electronic appliances to carry with them that has to be recharged periodically, such as cameras, cell phones , computers, etc. so it's pretty common for people to take strips to plug into the outlet in the cabin and then have multiple outlets for charging all the above mentioned and apparently it's not made a dent in the amount of electric generated by the ship--or at least I've never seen the lights flicker or go dim.
I do think an Iron is an unsafe item to take on a cruise ship as they have to have heat to work, that heat is generated by electricity and electrical shorts do start fires.
The stats probably show that an iron has never, ever, ever started a fire on a ship and probably never would. But the point is , it is a hazard and why add one more hazard to the other hazards that already exist?

Speaking of ironing, I have to get up first thing in the a.m. and start ironing a couple long sleeve shirts as it seems that summer has now departed for some location other than my little part of the world and I need something besides short sleeves.
Happy sails, happy ironing, happy stating to all.
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