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We visited Mazatlan last year on Carnival Pride. We had no idea what the heck to expect in this city. Did not know where to go or what to see. As we came into port we were a bit taken back by the sight of armed military right where we got off the ship!! But, Mazatlan, being a working port, it was understandable. Looking from our balcony room we could see a cathedral in the distance & decided that that would be our destination for the day. I then spotted a little red trolly & thought that might be a fun tour to take. We got off the ship & rode to the port where we were immediately accosted by different tour companies. We found the trolley tours & booked on for the day. $25 per person & they said it would be an all day tour going to various spots of intrest & a lunch stop. We thought that this would probably include a condo pitch but what the heck. We know how to say 'NO!'
We drove down the street to the Pacifica brewery through local residential which was very interesting. Then up a hill to a look out over the city & some souvenir stalls. It was fun to barter with the people in the stalls. Then on into the city along the ocean drive. Stopped at a small jewelry store which was a cross the street from the beach. We were amazed at the number of bronze statues all along the beach road. They commemorated anything & everything you can imagine. We saw the 'cliff' divers here. Not really 'cliff' divers but it was still risky for them. They let us watch them dive & then collected cash from all the tourists there.
Back in the trolley & then we went downtown. What a thrill. This city is old. Built in the late 1600's I think. The streets a VERY narrow. Barley room for 2 cars let alone a trolley & a truck to go down the street. Consequently we got stuck between a truck & a tree at the side of the street. So some of the men got out & a few people on the sidewalk pulled on the tree while the trolly driver got past the obstacles. We went to the cathedral we saw from the ship. Absolutely beautiful. Back on the trolley & off to the 'New' city & to see how the rich & famous live.
We stopped at a condo for lunch. We thought that this would be the 'talk'. But no...we had a great Mexican feast with all the beer we could drink. And we did!! The lunch was served by the pool that looked over the beach. It was beautiful. And then...back on the trolley.
We headed back at this point ; about 1/2 hr from the ship. This trip was well worth the $25.
I forgot to mention that we had a tour guide with us too. Fernando. He kept up commentary as we drove.
We usually do beaches when we hit a port & I am so glad that this time we had an adventure.
Born to be Cruising!!!
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