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Davy B You really are something else aren't you? Did you ever stop to consider that the poster may not have English as a first language? If this is so , then I commend him (or her) for at least trying to communicate and actually doing a very good job.
Davy B
Are you the "guy" that goes to the Pub or the BettingShop or wherever and complains about " all the bloody immigrants that come to our country and won;t learn our language"? I think you are, or is it just that you have a "few wee drams" at night and get ornery? Anyway, you really annoy me with your comments and try to give the impression that everyone excep you is stupid. I know your type, I had a relative like
you who spoilt every family get together because he knew it all and had done it all but no one had done it as well as him'
Look intthe mirror and see what you really are like
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