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Default Re: Simple Question - How much wine?

Originally Posted by smuniak
Sailing on the Crown Princess in a couple weeks, and looking for a definitive answer:

How much wine can I take on board on embarkation?

- Can I bring on a case?
- Can I bring on a couple boxes of wine (don't laugh, some of it is pretty passable, Pinot Evil is one)?
- Am I limited to one bottle per person?
- How about one box per person?[/list]
We won't be drinking it the dining room... just for inebriation in our cabin.


Good question. The Princess website does not "quantify" the amount of wine or champagne that can be brought onboard but it does say that you can bring it on.

Originally Posted by Princess Website
We kindly request that you do not bring alcoholic beverages (other than wine and/or champagne) onboard for consumption. Alcoholic beverages that are purchased duty free from the ship's gift shop or at ports of call will be collected for safekeeping and delivered to your stateroom on the last day of the voyage. A member of our Security Staff will be at the gangway to assist with the storage of your alcoholic beverage purchases.
I know there would be no problem in taking on a couple of bottles per person or a box or two of wine. If you have too much then the worst that will probably happen is that they confiscate it and you get it back at the end of the cruise.

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