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It looks as though Cazumel has been spared. But, Roatan, maybe not. I have been on cruises near an active hurricane and the captain's priorities are first and foremost, keep the passengers safe. Secondly, try to give them a fun cruise. Sometimes, the surprises that come with a change are some of the best things. We've been diverted to different ports, ridden out a storm while watching "Titanic" on the big screen in the show lounge (seriously), and ended up with an extra day of cruising when a hurricane shut down the home port.
The odds are high that this will not really impact anyone's vacation. Hurricanes that develop this late in the season have trouble maintaining any kind of strength because the ocean waters are cooling off and that is what fuels the storm.
Smooth sailing to all,
Marty, who lives 5 blocks from the Gulf of Mexico and has learned a lot about hurricanes by necessity
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