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Default Re: Toddler logistics

Originally Posted by orangetabbymama
A few questions as we plan a Carnival cruise with our 17-month-old toddler for the first time. We're planning on taking a 4-night Ensenada/Catalina Island cruise from San Diego on th Elation (EDITED W/MORE QUESTIONS):
-- How do you get from the airport to the harbor? Clearly we don't want to bring a carseat with us. Do you just take the tour bus and hold on to your child? Hire a car with a carseat?

i would take the carseat... you do want to bring it because if the transportation gets into an accident and the child isn't in a car seat, he/she could get seriously hurt... its just stupid not to take it, and the risk of not having it seriously doesn't outweight the trouble of traveling with it... the airline will check it, its a place for the kid to sit in while waiting for the plane, its a safe place for the kid while getting to port, and you can stow it in a closet. i did it for my (very small) 5 year old this summer and i dont regret hauling it around one bit

-- We have a Bjorn travel crib. Should we bring that or use the cruise ship's crib? What kind of crib do they provide? Is it just a pack and play?
-- What activities are available for the under 2 set? Are we allowed to use the kids area/kids camp room if a parent is there to supervise? Is there a separate play space for toddlers? I know from reading this message board that we won't be able to swim, which is a huge disappointment as our daughter LOVES the water.

the only time the under 2 age group can use camp carnival is during the 2 hours or so when its closed to the other age groups with parental supervision... i believe you can borrow toys from camp carnival, and i think there may be a babysitting option, but i am not 100% sure.

-- Do you bring your own kiddie utensils or does the ship offer them? (E.g., plastic plates so that she doesn't throw them on the floor and break them).

bring your own... its just easier. my daughter broke a few glasses and i felt terrible every time.

-- Do you bring your own milk or is there a ready supply of it on the ship? (Whole milk, preferably). Is there a mini fridge for us to keep a stash in our room, for emergencies?

yes, milk is in ready supply and is pretty easy to get... you can either trek to the buffet area or call room service and just order a carton or two of milk... we would order a few, and then put the extra in the fridge for later.

Thank you!
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