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Default Re: Single mother cruising with 13 year old daughter

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My daughter and I are going to Grand Cayman and Cozumel for Spring Break but I've read that their could be problems unless I have a notorized letter from her father allowing her to travel with only me. The problem I have is that her father is no longer in the picture and I do not know how to reach him. I do have a passport for her and I do have full physical custody of her. Short of faking a document, what should I do? Does customs really check those papers? What could happen? I find it hard to believe that single parents always are able to get a paper from an ex or in the case of a death do they bring the death certificate?

Thanks for your help with this. I so want to have everthing perfect when I get there so that there are not any glitches in paperwork that keeps us from traveling.

i had no problem taking my daughter without a letter from her father... her passport was enough and i didnt mention... since you need to have a letter or something from the father to get the passport, im assuming they didnt question it. goodluck, as my daughters father has also fallen off the face of the earth and totally unfindable, i can imagine it's a PITA.
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