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Default Seeking advice again :-)

Posted about this before, but its coming ever closer to desicion making time and would like to hear some expert opinions :-)

Hubby & I are going on a "Hooray Trintrin's got her MBA/Last hurrah before trying to start a family" cruise in the fall of 2011. We've never been to Europe before. We want to focus primarily on Italy and have a good amount of time in Rome to explore (more time than even an overnight would allow). I also want to see Venice and maybe Florence if that's not too much of a hassle. Of course we're also looking for the best deal!

I plan to hire a TA, but I want to be as informed as possible beforehand so I can be really clear about my needs. These seem to be my options:

1. Find a cruisetour that does a pre/post Italy package that encompasses Venice/Florence/Rome.

2. Do a Venice to Rome or Rome to Venice cruise (they seem to run very expensive!)

3. Tour Italy on our own then hop a transatlantic cruise from either Rome or Venice back to the US (we live in FL, so a cruise landing in Ft Lauderdale is actually kind of convienent)

We have about $10,000 to spend, 3 weeks of vacation, and want to get at least a balcony cabin on a premium cruise line. I was hoping to go luxury but that may be out of the budget.

Any suggestions or comments are appreciated!
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