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I rarely agree with Debra and do not like her tactics but in the case of this thread, her post should be welcomed. The OP asked for the differences in making a choice between two ships. The Pod problems are definitely something that they should be aware of when making their decision for a cruise of this distance. Many have not had their cruises interrupted because of the pods but many have over the years on the 4 M class ships. The OP should be provided with all information necessary to make an informed decision. In this case, Debra did supply relevent information without going off the ranch.

If I were making a decision and was not aware of this problem I would certainly welcome the info. If I ask a question unrelated to the Pods, that is where I have a problem. As I said before, if I ask how is the Pizza, I don't need to be told about the pods unless they are in the Pizza oven.

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