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Hi Crisahx:

Welcome to Cruisemates! Although our website is not gay owned and operated, it is operated by a very, very gay friendly editor and gay or friendly staff. The GLBT passengers have their own forum, and you've reached it.

Keep in mind that many of our readers are single as well. There is a sticky at the top of the GLBT forum where you can post if you are looking for a cabin mate.

Cruisemates generally does not allow other advertising (including other websites, namely our competition) so I hope you understand. Like other boards we ask that our readers stay on topic (cruising vs. "cruising" - lol...but you boys know what I mean) and we would like to keep spamming and flaming to nil. Other than that, we totally welcome your thoughts, feedback, help...whatever and however you would like to contribute to our forum and board!

Welcome aboard, and hope to hear from you!!

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