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Originally Posted by An Unhappy Bride View Post
Dear Ann, I would not recommend anyone getting married on a cruise ship, mine was a dissaster, no one to great us at the port we chose the Norweign Dawn out of Nyc on June 12 my 88 year old future mother in law was promised a wheel chair she uses a walker after she was being pushed and shoved for hlf hour my future brother in law had to tip a long show men 20.00 to finally get her one!! we where all dressed and sweating for almost an hour before we found out where to go! All being pushed and shoved in a busy Ny port. then the wedding cordinator finally appeard she was with some of my quest's that where put in a hot room to wait. then we get on line to go on the ship and she realizes we got priority check in so off the line we finally go! we where directed to my room on board, then handed my bouquet of 6 roses with one of the rose head's off!! So I got a pin from the cabin boy and fixed it myself!! Then the vow's where wrong and she was trying to get the right one's I told her if it take's more then 10 mins forget it I don't want my quest's waiting so 45mins later she returns with no vows supposedly the fax and email did not work!! So we had to go with the horrible vows the officiant made up himself! Then i find out my quest's while waiting for me had to pay for there own drink"s they said open bar is only after the ceremony, I paid almost 20.00 a head for 24people for only on hour of an open bar ( they only allowed an hour reception) the waiter did not speak english well so my guest's did not get many drink's. then I was supposed to get trays of roast beef ham and turkey I got no roast beef and mostly tuna fish!! when I complained they said they would make the roast beef by the time it came they where doing the toast and serving cake, at a charge of 4.00 a slice of cake and 4.50 a cup of coffee!! The worst part of all there where very few cups or plates, the groom ate his cake off a napkin!! then the photographer was supposed to take picture's outside weather permitting it was a nice day and also around the ship none where taken outside the rececption room a tiny room called the port room! plus the wedding coordinator and photographer had a fight.So after my experience I would not want this to happen to any other bride!!! Sea sick and Heart sick!!
Hello all!

just found this thread on weddings at sea. I got Married back on March 2008 on royal caribbeans freedom of the seas. I can not say enough good things about how are wedding went. We got married on the ship in St Thomas, VI and it was a wonderful day and RCCL did a a great job all around. I have all the emails and documents that royal romance ever sent me on the packages and the rules etc, so if you are looking for them i can email them to you... I also have the many photos that i could share with you that where taken but (umesh) the onboard photo guy. He was funny and a great guy. If any of you are looking to get married on a cruise ship i would HIGHLY say that you should. Fell free to email me at and i will send you any information or some of our pictures etc. Good luck all!! Justin
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