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Trip, yes I sent the spa a msg the first chance I got so that no one else would get an infection like that. I feel very fortunate that the Doctor was able to get it cleared up so quickly.

Mike, yes I was thinking about the debate. Basically in a nutshell it is now $15 pp for sushi, for lunch or dinner. I had the fortune to eat my weight in sushi and they just kept bringing more until we cried "UNCLE" . It was so nice. The sushi chefs were great guys and we got so much more than our money's worth in the sushi bar. I have some fantastic pictures of a few of their creations, especially the dragon roll they made for us, it was a work of art...I didn't want to eat it because it was so beautiful...but I forced myself:-D.
Most people ordered the combinations from the menu, but if you happened to click with the sushi masters they would just keep bringing more and more and really spoil you.

We really enjoyed our time at the Sushi bar.

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