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Originally Posted by richsea View Post
Just a suggestion, but perhaps N D can add a line to her signature regarding the pod problems with the M class ships (Constellation excluded). This way she won't have to find a way to insert her "helpful" facts into 90% of her responses, regardless of the threads subject. It would save a lot of time.

Actually, not a bad idea. How many lines can you have in your signature?

I agree that at times I have been guilty of wandering off topic, especially when I read posts that appear to be more interested in promoting instead of informing.

I think I understand what you are saying, that it is not alright for me to wander off topic but it is fine for someone who wants to totally change the subject matter of a thread by posting two threads with a rant about "problems on the Pacific Princess" on a thread titled "Celebrity Millennium". Problems real or imagined about a ship from a different cruise line have absolutely no relevance on a thread about the Celebrity Millennium. I just never hear any complaints about these kinds tactics. Maybe a little fair and balanced treatment would be a good idea.

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