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Originally Posted by ShadowDancer894 View Post
I dread the coming winter. I live in the great frozen New England and I would like to pre-plan a brief excursion to those tropical ports in the Carribbean. I havent picked a cruise, I'd like to find a companion before I get my hopes up.

I'm not looking for anything big or extravagant, I dont even need a window for this sailing. I just want to be in the warm tropics, eat gluttonously for a few days, see a show and just escape my reality for a bit.

I am looking for more than just someone to help me avoid the single supplement. One of the best things about cruising is making new friends, new memories, and having someone to share the experience with. I like pal-ing around with my cabinmate. I mean come on, how awesome is it to take everysingle photo op on every single deck, every single day.

About Me:
I'm 29, SBF, a graduate student, and I love cruising. I like to do everything on the ship; participate in the activites,eat, visit the gym, eat, take a yoga class on the highseas, eat, see the shows, eat, visit the ports, eat, play a bit in the casino (only for about 4minutes tho), eat visit the club on board, and did I mention eat? I tend to like an active, social cruise but I'm not a huge partier. I drink moderately, but I do not smoke (anymore). I'm very very very clean.

You are any age, and when I say any age I mean if you are eligible to collect social security thats ok. Just be able to hustle your way around the ship. You like to do the activities on the ship, more than just chill in the sun. You can be a man, woman, or anything in between with all versions of orientations also. Like I said, I dont smoke, but I don't mind if you do. Foodies are encouraged to email me. You can hold your own in conversation, maintain respectfulness of other. Oh, and you dont mind cruising on a student's budget (I'm trying to do three cruises in 2010, what can I say I'm a junkie). And please, be very clean.

So if you think you might want to make a new friend and share a cabin with me. Please drop me a line.
I read your post and I am also looking for a companion for a 5 day Western Caribbean cruise leaving from Miami at the begining of January. Let me know if you're still looking. Thanks.
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