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Default Categories for wildlife conservation management

It is very difficult to find a Kerala honeymoon package without a tour into the wildlife reserves. The natural beauty of the land has been subdivided into different categories by the state forest department. Some of the categories are,

Category I Scientific Reserve/Strict Nature Reserve

It includes,

Areas with some outstanding features in the ecosystem
Species of flora and fauna of national scientific importance, representative of particular natural areas
Fragile life forms or ecosystems
Important biological or geological diversity
Areas of particular importance to the eco conservation of the genetic resources

The main concern here is with respect to the continuity of the natural processes and the strict control of human interference.

Category II National Park

A relatively large area where one or several ecosystems are not materially altered by human use
The highest competent government authority has taken steps to prevent or control such alterations
Visitors are allowed to enter, under special conditions for inspirational, educative, cultural, and recreation purposes

Category III Natural Monument/Natural Landmark

Area that normally contains one or more specific natural features of outstanding national significance
Because of its uniqueness or rarity, it should be protected
Ideally it should have little or no sign of human activity

Category IV Nature Conservation Reserve/Managed Nature Reserve/Wildlife Sanctuary

A variety of land areas fall into this category. Although each has as its primary purpose, the protection of nature, the production of harvestable renewable resources may play a secondary role in its management. Habitat manipulation may be required to provide optimum conditions for certain species, communities, or features of special interest.
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