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So true, Manuel. However, I have to say Nurse Debra has a valid point about getting burned. Sadly, it was not her fault that her cruise tanked. I can relate! You'll recall my awful experience on the Pacific Princess (along with 3 other posters) last April through the Amazon.

Due to engine and mechanical problems, our ship was stuck twice on that cruise and we missed one port, delayed for several hours in another...that along with the blatant lying by personnel, outrageous and in my consideration, gross misconduct by the Captain, officer and shop personnel...sad to say, but I will be hard pressed to ever trust Princess again. (As an aside, her sister ship the Royal Princess had a major engine fire just 2-months later in June, whereby all passenger's cruise came to a stand-still, having had to evacuate the ship and terminate their cruise).

Yes, this is a =X= topic. My point is that like Nurse Debra states, one rotten experience can ruin a cruiser's trust.

I can vouch for =X= though, and whether it's the stars, good karma or whatever, have never - ever experienced any mechanical issues on any of her ships. I'll stick with her!
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