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Default I can hear it

From my window I can hear the concert,I hear various things like crowds screaming, some drumbeats but with indefinable basslines, etc,
But that ship is SO big that it just looks closer than it must actually be and I can't really see anything changing onboard except the lights... no people moving, etc.

No worries, I will be there tomorrow to see everything. I can't tell you how abuzz this town, Ft Lauderdale, is about this ship. Everywhere you go it is all anyone is talking about. Tons of travel agents are here to see it, plus media tomorrow. Its one big party in FLL tonight, that's for sure.

More tomorrow - don't forget to watch Good Morning America on ABC to see them broadcast live from the ship.

I'll be here, too, as soon as I get checked out of this hotel and checked in to the ship. Oasis - here we come.
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