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I am so sorry you feel so strongly about what I suppose was the Royal Chumps affair that you will miss this ship.

I guess I am a big advocvate of letting bygones be bygones. Oh yeah, I have been taken advantage of too many times in my life because of that attitude, but what the heck - life is still good.

I have to admit, Im hyped up. This is more than just a ship to me , its a technical marvel and I am a super-geek. Plus I'm from AZ and we were on Pacific time until two weeks ago, so it is still early to me, but still!!!!

I feel like eating chocolate and caviar and drinking wine - celebrating, I'm giddy (oh shut the hell up, already, you loon!).

Anyway - yeah, I am trying to mellow down now. Probably read a book - that always puts me to sleep.

I hope you get to see Oasis some day - without any ill feelings.
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