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The Full Name of my Hotel? Didn't I mention the

Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina?

This is the best hotel ever for watching ships - what an amazing view.

I just looked up the new prt facilities for Oasis, ansd they do not look like where she was docked last night (pic is below). So, she may be elsewhere in the prot that I cannot see, but that is kind of like sayuing there's and elephant in the room everyone is ignoring. Plus - she was right outside my window last night.

The ship is HUGE, and I don't see any structures that would be tall enough to hide her. But here is pic of the port from Port Everglades port facility, and I admit this does not look like where the ship was last night:

Now, I admit island Princess is between me and where the Oasis is last night, so maybe I can't see it, but I cant imagine Island Princess would mask Oasis...
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