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Oasis absolutely not. Weare not fans of RCI in the first place, we dont like assigned dining times. The ship is just to large and we are not interested.

Epic, the issue for me that totally turns me off is the bathroom lay out. I have what so ever no desire to brush my teeth in the sleeping area, I wake early, and I have always loved to be able to creep into the bathroom, quietly get dressed, do my teeth etc, and leave the cabin, without waking any one up to any great degree. With the layout of the cabin,the sink separate in the sleeping area, this becomes impossible and therefore we wont even consider it. We are the type of people that have absolute must have and even if it has many other things, if it doesnt have what we need or want thats OUR priority, then its a no go no matter how many good things it has. I dont like that some one can come in the cabin as some on is coming out of the shower, and yes you can lock it from the inside, but then thats a nusence for any one else sharing the cabin. Bathrooms and their layout are important to us.
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