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Originally Posted by Nurse Debra View Post
A question for those who may know what the policy is for cruise lines in reporting gambling winnings of over $1,200 when on a cruise ship that is outside of US waters. On other cruise lines that I have sailed the policy seemed to be not to give out those infamous W-2G forms for winnings of over $1,200, but on my last Princess cruise, after getting lucky in the casino, and winning over $1,200, they said their ship policy was to report the winnings.
Would like to hear what the experiences of others have been. Since as most of us gamblers know, we loose more than we ever win and can deduct losses on our taxes up to the amount of winnings it is no big deal but I was just curious.

Thanks in advance for any information.

When my wife hit a $1400 jackpot Renaissance and did receive a W2G. I have won over $2000 on blackjack and did not receive one. It is like in Vegas. If you win at a game of "skill" aka Blackjack, baccarat, craps then you don't get a W2G but a game of chance aka slots and bingo you do. It doesn't make sense since all games are in the house's favor but any time I don't have to pay taxes I'm happy.

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