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Originally Posted by wagoneer View Post
carnival destiny developed propulision problem and cacelled port stop i n grang turk any recourse for canceled part of trip
My understanding is that they substituted Nassau for Grand Turk, am I not correct? At least you retained part of your original itinerary. The Destiny cruise that just left TOTALLY changed it's itinerary from Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman to Half Moom Cay and Nassau. If you've been to Nassau and HMC many times (as my clents have), this was a REAL disappointment. However, the cruise line does reserve the right to change it's itinerary without compensation to it's passengers (except for port charges not used). On the 11/21 sailing, they gave each passenger a $50 OBC, however, that is a small pacifier for such a drastic itinerary change.
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