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Which buffet is being charged $20?

When making a list of the pros and cons cupcake charges goes under the cons for sure.

Lack of a decent internet cafe is another con. Not all people carry a puter with them not even 50%.

If there are lineups when the ship is at 50 to 60% not a good omen.

Parking is a huge issue and it's not sounding very good. I have clients I just heard from. They drove down from Canada because she doe not like to fly. The normally leave their car at the port (btw they are not sailing on the Oasis - just out of Port Everglades). They had to leave their car at the hotel because - 1: no space and 2) they've put the price of parking at the port up 50%.

I watched the water show rehersal on your tape - big pro there. Question about that very deep pool. Is it roped or fenced off when not in use?

I know there are 2 flowriders etc etc but I'm too old for that stuff. Besides that's not new - just bigger.

Where does one have to pay for a second appetizer?

I too would like to at least take a tour of this beast. Whether or not I want to sail on her is still up to debate. DH and I have talked about this back and forth for months now and it's been an on-again off-again decision.

I'm still waiting for a realistic report on embarking and disembarking - and all I mean by that is when there are at least 4500 paying customers on board.
Dec. 13 - Windstar sailing yacht. Wonderful!!

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