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Originally Posted by kvanriper View Post
There are a lot of firsts on the Oasis.
The extra charges seem over the top. Charging for a cupcake is ridiculous.
Then don't buy one. Have a donut instead. But consider this, because it is only logical, if you went to a restaurant or a grocery store would you say "charging for a cupcake is ridiculous?" No. RCL wouldn't have them in a special little shop with unusual flavor combinations if they couldn't make a little extra money on them - but you are not required to buy one. Would you rather have a free cupcake and your cruise fare go up by $2.50?

The first time I have heard of a charge for a buffet $20.
NO, the Solarium Bistro is a buffet for breakfast and lunch - no charge. At night it becomes a full service "health-food" restaurant with a $20 charge.

The first time RCI is charging extra if you want a second appetizer.
I know nothing about this. Never heard it before.

From reading first reports of the windjammer crowds, if it was that crowded when the ship is half full, what is it going to be like when full?
I did not find it to be full at all. I found a seat everytime, plus, as I said no one was sitting outside because it was cool out.

Knowing RCI they will continue to keep the dining room closed on port days even though many will probably not get off the ship and will result in the windjammer being completly overrun.
I guess we will see, I'll let you know after my Dec. 1 cruise

I would still love to be able to go on the Oasis once, but not with the extra charges RCI has now.
By the same token, you have never seen a ship with so many FREE things either. There is a tremendous amount of wonderful free food on Oasis, the best I have ever had on an RCL ship. The Park Cafe is a wonder - no charges, for example. No one is making you buy anything onboard and there are plenty of choices.
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