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Originally Posted by birdsNworms View Post
Even boarding the ship and walking around, there was an entire lack of music/entertainment beyond the physical diversions built into the ship -- think FlowRider, Zipline, Merry-Go-Round, etc. Sure, "Central Park" -- like the entire ship -- is impressive, but...well, every time I walked through it I saw glasses and beer bottles in the planters and heard agents (mind you, this was a free cruise) rumbling about how off the price-points were for their market. Bottom-line, it takes more than what was being presented.

I know many of the cruiseline's top executives and their PR staff have embraced the idea of this ship being a "resort at sea". Likening it to a family-friendly Las Vegas or even a floating Walt Disney World. Of course, this begs the obvious question: if you are looking for a Las Vegas or a WDW, why not simply go there and avoid the potential problems this new market -- first time cruisers -- required by Oasis might well encounter?
From the youtube videos I'm seeing there seems to be alot of music and entertainment on this ship. Music and dancing options galore. Not to mention the boardwalk area will have music and family activities each night even the cast of Hairspray are out there entertaining the boardwalk.

Las Vegas is not Family friendly anymore it was some years ago buy did away with it. It is back to being an Adult vacation spot. Cruising has given Disney a run for it's money. There are families that prefer to cruise over Disney. Cruising gives families both family time together and adult time. Many teens are over the mouse with big ears and prefer cruising.

As for "nickel and diming" I don't see it. Someone will have to explain it to me please. My food is still free. My drinks I'm paying for (as always). My activities are still free. Excursions I'm paying for (as always).
You don't have to buy a cupcake you can get a donut which is free. You can have ice cream at the pool which is free.
Nobody has a gun to my head forcing me to buy anything.
My Seapass total is a result of things I wanted to buy of my own free will and not Royal nick and diming.

Spoke to my agent and she was very impressed with Oasis. She was on the Rihanna cruise. Her only compliant to me was that Rihanna's performance was only 30 minutes.

I will be onboard shortly so I will see for myself.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
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