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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
Which buffet is being charged $20?

Parking is a huge issue and it's not sounding very good. I have clients I just heard from. They drove down from Canada because she doe not like to fly. The normally leave their car at the port (btw they are not sailing on the Oasis - just out of Port Everglades). They had to leave their car at the hotel because - 1: no space and 2) they've put the price of parking at the port up 50%.

I watched the water show rehersal on your tape - big pro there. Question about that very deep pool. Is it roped or fenced off when not in use?
I like your more rational comments about "the beast," Felix. If you think that many people will be parking then I will concede it is problem. I personally didn't think that many locals would be going.

Very glad you liked the water show. I think it shows a lot of promise and I have personally seen the Vegas works this same director/producer has done and they are amazing, especially with the underwater cameras.

I know the idea of charing for the buffet was a mis-information. I have the same feeling about a second appetizer since the menus are now reduced to just three sections, where they uased to have an intermediary soup course.

There are SO many free places to eat onboard, from the Wipeout cafe, to the Park Cafe, to the Sorrento's Pizzaria and Cafe Promenade in Royal Promenade, to the Solarium Bistro and Vitality Cafe for health food - all free that in adddition to the Windjammer I am sure everyone will get to eat.

I also agree the Internet cafe size is a problem, now, there were actually two rooms (1 on deck 7 and one on deck 9), but each with only about six workstations. That is not enough. They may have to do something about this in the future. I agree. There is also a large business and conference center we did not see that they could use if they gad to - or maybe they plan to rent out laptops, I don't know.
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