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Cruise Queen - you are absolutely right - Vegas is NOT a family friendly spot anymore. They tried that and it didn't work for them, so it is all adult now, as in "what happens here stays here."

Vegas is also not even remotely all-inclusive. People complaining about $2.50 for a cupcake. In Vegas you will pay $5 for a piece of pastry with no free options at all. And if you want breakfast room service in Vegas - expect to pay $20.

I understand if Oasis is not your thing in terms of why you like to cruise - but then don't take it. There are still plenty of ships that don't offer any extras that carry a charge. Go on your boring ship, sit on your deck chair under a wooly blanket and have the steward bring you a cup of boullion, you and Arthur Frommer can while away the hours just watching the sea go by...
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