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Gooooooood Morning CM-ers!

Here in central Connecticut it's a little rainy and sort of chilly, but that doesn't seem to be stopping the Black Friday hordes. We are watching from the comfort of home, as all our shopping has been done for a couple of weeks now. Granted, there may be another item or 2, but other than that, dones-ville for us.

RD, I absolutely love your new avatar. St. Maartin is our favorite port in the Caribbean, and I know just about where that photo was taken. Can't wait to read your review and see your photos. Connie is our favorite ship to date. "Positions everyone." inside joke to those who have sailed Connie and attended Perry's act in Michael's.

Thanksgiving was nice. We hosted the family, and all enjoyed the food and even more so, the companionship. We are all cleaned up, the leftovers were sent home with the kids (by the way, Foodsaver is THE way to go...) leaving enough for a couple of sandwiches for us, and some apple pie. This year we used an apple called Northern Spy. Turned out great.

Well, best wishes to all who follow, and if anyone has braved the crowds today, regal us with tales !


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