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Rainy and cool here in Southern Ohio this morning. Report of a few snow fluffies north about 45 miles, just hoping it stays there and doesn't come south. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. Lots of food and fun with the family. Of course my two little grandaughters were the entertainment. Seems the 6 yr old is in love with the boyfirend of my niece. She wanted to be around him as much as she could and not make it look so evident. It was cute as this niece had the same thing going on when she was that age with my now son-in-law. It was like stepping back in time.
The black Friday rush is on around here but not from me. There is not a sale good enough to make me want to fight the crowd. Sid I envey you having all your shopping done. I am way behind and need to get moving. Know what I want to pick up just need to do it.
Today I will go to my daughters and keep an eye on the girls for awhile. D/D had to work and the son-in-law need to get some work done on his pick-up while he has the day off. It will be a time of playing for me as the girls always have something going on.
Everyone have a great day and rest up from all the eating. Or you could do some exercise to work off all that was eaten.....NAW!

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