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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I am also not sure what I can do personally on a cruise that is any different than what i do every day. They have different recepticles onboard for paper and plastic - I always choose the right one. I don't throw my empty plastic water bottles overboard.

I really don't get the question, it kind of sounds like a plant from some environmentalist trying to prove people who cruise don't care about the environment.

Its a dumb question - the environmental practices onboard are managed by the ship's staff, not the passengers. They do reduce all waste to ash and dispose of it properly when they arrive in port. I suggest you read up on shipboard environmental practices before you post such a silly question.
I also plan on what I do everyday to do onboard the cruise. But there are things like buffets that I don't encounter every day.
Which question do you not get, the suggestions or the poll? You suggested recycling and not littering, thanks. I haven't been on a cruise for 9 years, so I'm glad to see the lines are being more conscientious in their practices. As for the poll, I was just interested to see if people bring their "green" practices onboard.
I don't see how it's a dumb question, there are certain things the cruise has no control over, like me throwing bottles overboard or using cold instead of hot water to do my laundry.
Thanks for such an extensive reply to my "dumb" and "silly" questions!
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