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Good Morning CruiseMates!!!
Hope all is well with everyone and all of the who celebrated American Thanksgiving are not suffering a tryptophan hangover or over type of hangover .

Yesterday was wonderful. It was such a beautiful day with the most lovely bunch of people. My sister was here, my niece, both of their significant others, sis's boyfriend's room mate and d/h and the kids. I think everyone arrived around 1:00 and stayed until around 8 or 9. Everything went without a hitch. The bird was good. No issues at all.

I really like sis's boyfriend. He is very soft spoken and a gentleman, but with a wicked sense of humor. He treats her with respect and that is most impressive to me.

Well I swore I was not going to battle the Christmas shoppers and I mean to stick to that, but last night I found a nice kingsize down comforter online at Sears for $20. I went ahead and bought it online, so I need to buzz down to the store today and pick it up. Fortunately it is already paid for.

I have about 3 items I need from the grocery store. and it will hopefully be a quick trip in to the store and then out.

Hope you all are well and you have a great Friday!

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