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Hi Birds&Worms...

So, as you comment about the December 1 sailing, I do wonder what your fare is. Why? Because if you are traveling on a fare lower than $2000-plus for the cabin on this four nighter, you are not paying the 'real' price RCCL is demanding for the product.
Sorry, but I don' always follow your logic. I booked this cruise like any other passenger back in early October. My travel agent is Nancy Bogert, one of the top-producing agents for CruisePlanners, a large consortium of cruise agents. She is a well-known cruise agent and was invited to dine with Richard Fain on the two-day media cruise i was on. Even I have never been invited to Richard Fains table for anything.

I paid $965.98 per person, including taxes & fees for a minimum balcony guarantee. That was what Nancy had on offer at the time I made the booking. As it turns out, I just found out we have a sea-view balcony on deck 12 - so I guess i will be seeing the ocean a fair amount on my cruise.

Now, if this price seems low remember it is for the 4-night cruise dec. 1 thru Dec 5th, Sailing to Labadee. I will be doing regular updates from the ship just as before.

I am a full-fare paying guest, just like everyone else. I have my reservations of Hairspray, the AquaTheater, the comedy club and 150 Central Park. I am really looking forward to it already, and it seems like I just got back and I am already leaving again tomorrow morning.
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