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Exclamation back to oasis I go

I will be flying Monday to join Oasis of the Seas again on Tuesday in order to take my wife and to see the ship as it will be conducted with a full contingent of regular cruisers onboard.

This is not be a media cruise or a travel agent fest - it is the first revenue cruise for the ship, which Royal Caribbean chose to make into a regular revenue cruise. I expect to see full prices on all the drinks, full menus in all the restaurants, I expect to see Hairspray and the AquaTheater Show, the Ice Show, several funny comedians and more.

I am booked at 150 Central Park - th first cruise ship restaurant to have a name chef who not only create the menus but will also be there in person to supervise the food preparation, just like Gordon Ramsay in Hell's Kitchen.

For those of you who do not know - KeriAnn Van Raesfeld was named the "Best Young Chef in the World" and the last world culinary convention in Dubai, and she is the first American and the first female to have ever snagged that particular honor. For me to say I am looking forward to her meal is a bit of an understatement. I feel more like a 1950s teenage girl would feel if she heard Elvis was coming over to sing "Happy Birthday" directly to her.

The point is that this will be my first experience where a world-class chef will actually be cooking my food - so I know they not only created the recipe, but that nothing will go wrong to prevent me from experiencing exactly what she created in every single bite I have. That level of culinary expertise is extremely rare unless you live in Lyon or Possibly New York and spend $500 for dinner every night.

In our case, dinner is $35 per person, so I am actually treating a friend of mine. David Beers, editor of (our sister site) will also be on the ship so we can compare notes - he will be my guest. I would have taken my wife but she is currently on a very strict vegetarian diet - related to a health issue.

Another important aspect of this trip is that we will be going to Labadee, and so we are looking forward to seeing the beach with its roller coaster and zip line. I expect it to be on par with Oasis itself, and I hope I am not disappointed.

In any case - please watch this space for open blogs about Oasis starting Tuesday.

Paul Motter and David Beers. - and by the way, since I am paying for this cruise and not working, if I don't feel like updating the page one day, I just might skip it - too bad for you

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