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Default Ready to board

I will go to Boleros and do the zip-line, I proimise. I even plan to do the zipline in Labadee. good news that we will not be tendering there (glad to hear it even if the lifeboat/tenders DO have bathrooms).

We are in Ft Lauderdale this morning and plan to leave for this ship in a few hours. I didn't sleep well last night - but that too shall pass. I am glad to hear the stage shows were good. I had predicted they would be, and I am guessing the AquaTheater show will be the best as long as all the video technology is working.

I saw La Reve at the Wynn in Vegas last year - same concept and same producer, and we had premium seats that they normally charge $150 apiece for because they have individual TV screens for video cameras backstage and underwater to show how the swimmers do the show (there is a fair amount of use of underwater breathing apparatus in these shows so they can "disappear" underwater and reappear later). On Oasis they plan to show that stuff on the side monuted large video screens.

Plus we have an "ocean view balcony" cabin this time for all the detractors who say it doesn't feel like a cruise ship. You know, those folks completely disavow how nice it is to have balconies overlooking the inside areas even if you aren't seeing the ocean. It was just a very pleasing experience overlooking Cantral Park and the only time worried about looking in was when I was fressing after dark. With the sunlight outside it isnt as mandatory to keep the curtains closed all the time. I doubt many regular cruisers will come home from a 7-day cruise and say "I forgot I was at sea the whole time."

Anyway, more pics & video to post later today.
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